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Information on the movie currently playing

Now showing daily from Friday, July 3 thru Thursday,  July 9
"JURASSIC WORLD"  Rated:    PG-13
Starring:  Chris Pratt
Show times daily:  3:00,  7:00,  &  9:30
Click on the title of the film to watch a preview.
NOTE:  This year our involvement in the Traverse City Film Festival will take place on Tuesday, July 21 at 7:00 P.M.  The title of the film will be:  "DIGGING FOR FIRE".
Please know that you have to buy tickets for this showing from the film festival.
We have film festival programs available in our lobby, so stop buy and pick up one.
Don't wait too long to buy tickets after they go on sale.  We were sold out last year.
Also know that ticket prices are the Festival Prices not our regular prices.

Tickets Prices:
Regular Ticket: (12 and older) $ 7.50
Child's Ticket: (11 and under) $ 5.50
Matinee: (movies scheduled before 6:00 P.M.) $ 5.50
Monday:  All day all seats:  $  5.50
Please note:  We do not accept debit or credit cards.

The following information from Rotten Tomatoes is for your fun and information.
It is not a list of films we plan to show.  With one screen there is no way we can show
every film released.

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